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Survivor Testimonies

ID Code VS01079
Sex Female
Distance from the Hypocenter 2000m
Age at the Time 22
Age at the time of recording 95
Situation "I can only say it was really scary."
Emiko Murayama was 22 years old back then.
She got exposed to the atomic bombing at home in Minami-kan-on-machi, 2km away from the hypocenter.
On the morning of August 6, she borrowed a handcart saying that she would return it back by 8 o'clock, and went with her husband to the building demolition site to get wood to use as fuel.
While she was taking a short rest after returning home, the light flashed outside the window, and the glass shattered to pieces.
She describes the horror of nuclear weapons, saying, "If nuclear weapons are used, this world will be gone."
Occupation at the Time
Place of work at the time
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Release Date 2019/02/28

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