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Survivor Testimonies

ID Code VS01061
Name KUROGA Yoshinori
Sex Male
Distance from the Hypocenter 1000m
Age at the Time 21
Age at the time of recording 92
Situation Mr. Kuroga was exposed to the A-bombing in the Hiroshima Army Elementary School at Nishi-hakushima-cho, about 1 km away from the hypocenter.
He was trapped under the collapsed school building and severely injured, being struck by shards of glass throughout his entire body. Although he was suffered from hair loss, fever, and spots of death at the evacuation site, he miraculously recovered and engaged in the rescue activity until the end of the year.
He says that he wants to talk to as much people as possible that no war should ever happen.
Occupation at the Time Military Personnel
Place of work at the time
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Release Date 2017/02/28
Keyword soldier;student

オリジナル(字幕有)/Original [Eng Sub]

オリジナル(字幕有)/Original [Eng Sub]


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