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Survivor Testimonies

ID Code VS00853
Name KIMURA Tonakichi
Sex Male
Distance from the Hypocenter 1500m
Age at the Time 8
Age at the time of recording 67
Situation It was very nice weather that day. I usually attended class in Sumiyoshi Shrine where the lower grades of Kakomachi Elementary School studied. Before going to school, my younger brother and I were playing in the grounds of the shrine facing our house when I was exposed to the atomic bomb. Fortunately, I was not exposed to the rays of the bomb. When I went home, I found that my mother had become trapped under the collapsed house and asked me to help her. I managed to pull my mother free and we fled to Koi. We received emergency medical care and spent the night in the mountains. Watching as Hiroshima continued to burn, my mother said, "From today, we have nowhere to go home to."
Occupation at the Time Student
Place of work at the time
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Release Date 2005/03/31
Keyword student

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