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Survivor Testimonies

ID Code VS00805
Name ARAI Noboru
Sex Male
Distance from the Hypocenter 3200m
Age at the Time 16
Age at the time of recording 73
Situation I left my aunt's house in Danbara to go to work at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' factory in Kannon. As I arrived at the factory, there was a bright flash and I heard the sound of an explosion. I couldn't go into the factory air-raid shelter, so headed to my aunt's house in Danbara. I pushed my way against the waves of injured persons until finally having to spend the night on a hill in Koi. The city continued to burn the whole night through and I could not sleep even for a moment. The next day, I walked to my parents' home in Sagotani Village where I was reunited with my family.
Occupation at the Time Company Employee
Place of work at the time Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
SubtitlesHow to turn on English subtitles
Release Date 2003/03/31

ダイジェスト(字幕無)/Digest [No Sub]


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