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Survivor Testimonies

ID Code VS00654
Name NAKAMURA Yoshiko
Sex Female
Distance from the Hypocenter 1000m
Age at the Time 27
Age at the time of recording 82
Situation Something with a parachute attached was dropped from an airplane. My body was enveloped in bluish-white light, I was sent flying by the blast and buried under the wreckage of my house. I took my child in my arms and crawled out by my own strength. I looked for my mother but was told to escape, and got away to Nakahiro. I moved to the river, but as I couldn’t swim, I waited in the river until the tide became low. On the opposite bank I met up with my husband again. We put up a hut on the bank and searched all around for my mother.
Occupation at the Time Housewife
Place of work at the time
SubtitlesHow to turn on English subtitles
Release Date 2000/03/31

ダイジェスト(字幕無)/Digest [No Sub]


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