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Survivor Testimonies

ID Code VS00436
Name UENO Harue
Sex Female
Distance from the Hypocenter 700m
Age at the Time 21
Age at the time of recording 70
Situation She was in the Bureau at the time of the bombing. The building of the Bureau was unharmed, but there was nothing else left as far as the eye could see. She escaped with only wounds from shards of glass. She went by herself to Teishin Hospital next door, and received treatment. She tried to cross Tokiwa Bridge, but it was so hot that she could not cross. There were many corpses piled up there.
Occupation at the Time Public servant
Place of work at the time Hiroshima Communications Bureau
SubtitlesHow to turn on English subtitles
Release Date 1994/08/01
Keyword black rain

ダイジェスト(字幕無)/Digest [No Sub]


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