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Survivor Testimonies

ID Code VS00340
Name UEOKA Masashi
Sex Male
Distance from the Hypocenter 1000m
Age at the Time 24
Age at the time of recording 70
Situation Just when he was about to eat his breakfast on the 6th after finishing his shift, there was a flash of light. He was buried under the rubble of the lodging house. He ran around the city collecting postmortem certificates. Involved in aid activities in the area near East Police Department until late in the night on the 7th. Established a temporary police station as soon as the 8th. It was there that he witnessed survivors housed in Kangyo Bank dying one after the other.
Occupation at the Time Public servant
Place of work at the time Shimonagarekawa Police Station
SubtitlesHow to turn on English subtitles Japanese, English
Release Date 1992/08/01

ダイジェスト(字幕有)/Digest [Eng Sub]


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