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Survivor Testimonies

ID Code VS00205
Name TAMURA Tatsuo
Sex Male
Distance from the Hypocenter 1500m
Age at the Time 22
Age at the time of recording 67
Situation He was a police sergeant at the Hakushima Police Station of East Police Department at the time. Was reprimanding a housewife at the station when the bomb was dropped. Fled to Ushita-cho via Futabayama. Took rice balls from Higashi Danbara Station to people who had evacuated. On August 7, established a temporary police station in Hakushima and issued disaster victim certificates. From August 8, involved in the storage of corpses, the distribution of food and inspections.
Occupation at the Time Public servant
Place of work at the time Hiroshima higashi police station
SubtitlesHow to turn on English subtitles Japanese, English
Release Date 1990/08/01

ダイジェスト(字幕有)/Digest [Eng Sub]


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