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A-bomb Drawings by Survivors

ID Code GE09-17
Creator NAKANO Kenichi
Age at the Time 47
Date of the Scene 1945/8/7
Distance from the Hypocenter (m) 1,100m
Location Tokaichi, Nakahiro areas
Size (H×W) (cm) 27×38
Description In the car, someone was still alive and asking for water.
1,100 m from the hypocenter, Tera-machi streetcar road
August 7, 1945, morning
Kenichi Nakano (47 at the time of the bombing, 76 when he drew this picture)
Explanation in picture
When I passed by a streetcar, I heard a voice from inside. I stepped in and saw 14 or 15 corpses. When I saw a slight movement, I stepped closer. In a tiny voice, it was saying, "Water, water." I got out and looked around the area and saw no water. Because I was worried about family members who had been exposed in the city, I left and spent the day searching for them. Walking home that evening, I stopped at the streetcar, but that person was no longer in this world.
Thirty years later, I keep wishing I could have found water for that person. I talk about it with my loved ones and join my hands in prayer.


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