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A-bomb Drawings by Survivors

ID Code GE07-16
Creator Sadako Kimura
Age at the Time 45
Date of the Scene Around August 8, 1945
Distance from the Hypocenter (m) 800m
Location Tokaichi, Nakahiro areas
Size (H×W) (cm) 38.5×54
Description People at death's door lined up on the streetcar street
800 m from the hypocenter, near Dohashi
Around August 8, 1945
Sadako Kimura (45 at the time of the bombing, 75 when she drew this picture)
Explanation in picture
Black burnt bodies on the streetcar. The almost dead lying on the streetcar road, some burnt so terribly they looked like ghosts.
It seemed heartless just to look at them―there was nothing we could do.


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