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ID Code A-842
Photographer Shigeo Hayashi
Provider Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Location Peace Memorial Park vicinity
Distance from the Hypocenter (m) 130
Description Motoyasu Bridge and the Fuel Hall
Location: Central portion of the Motoyasu Bridge
Distance from hypocenter: approx. 130m
The railing on the south side of the Motoyasu Bridge fell over except for the newel posts. The three-story ferro-concrete Fuel Hall was built in 1929 as the Taishoya Kimono Shop. After the Textiles Control Ordinance, the building was acquired by the Prefectural Fuel Rationing Union in 1944. The A-bomb fires gutted the building except the basement. After the war the building was repaired and kept in use, becoming the Peace Memorial Park Rest House in 1982.


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