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ID Code A-841
Photographer Shigeo Hayashi
Provider Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Location Peace Memorial Park vicinity
Distance from the Hypocenter (m) 160
Description Looking south from Nakajima-hon-machi
Location: Nakajima-hon-machi (now, Nakajima-cho)
Distance from hypocenter: approx. 160m
The ruins of Nakajima-hon-machi and Zaimoku-cho are where Peace Memorial Park now stands. From the late feudal era through the Meiji and early Taisho periods (the latter 19th to the early 20th century), Nakajima-hon-machi was the city’s bustling shopping and entertainment center. Few structures remained between this point and the sea to block the view of Kanawajima Island, Etajima Island, and Ninoshima Island.


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