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ID Code A-836
Photographer Shigeo Hayashi
Provider Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Location Peace Memorial Park vicinity
Distance from the Hypocenter (m) 160
Description Looking west to east over the Motoyasu Bridge
Location: Nakajima-hon-machi (now, Nakajima-cho)
Distance from hypocenter: approx. 160m
The Motoyasu Bridge connected Hiroshima's most vital shopping and entertainment districts: the Nakajima district and Hondori Avenue. The wooden bridge was replaced with a permanent steel plate and girder bridge in 1926. The blast from virtually overhead hurled all the railings into the water and the lanterns and capping stones of the newel posts were symmetrically dislodged to the right and left. In 1992, the A-bombed newel posts were incorporated when restoring the bridge to its original design.


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