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ID Code Z1370.5H0010001
Title Harvard Magazine 1985.7-8
Volume Vol. 87 No.6
Publisher Harvard Magazine Inc.
Place of Publication Cambridge, Mass.
Publication Date 1985/07/01
Language 英語 eng
Pages 104
Size (cm) 28
Explorations: Barriers in Bophuthatswana, by George Bell. 4
Editors' choice: Travel photographs by our readers. 6
Essay: The blue herons, by Maxine Kumin. 10
Money matters: An English-American lexicon, by John Train. 14
The Browser: Kim Marshall on Jonathan Kozol's Illiterate America. 19

On the track of our human origins 29
An East African safari with anthropologists Glynn Llywelyn Isaac and David
Pilbeam. By John de Cuevas.
Vita: Henry Willard Denison 39
Brief life of an unusual diplomat (1846-1914). By John Curtis Perry.
The lesson of Hiroshima 41
The most terrible bombings in history purged Japan of its ancient tradition of
militarism. In the aftermath, a new city rose as a symbol of hope for world
peace. By John D. Montgomery.
Carol Ginandes: South of the border 49
A portfolio of meditative color photographs from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile,
Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Mexico.
Latine hic loquimur 54
The Latin Games, held in Augsburg to celebrate that city's 2000th anniversary,
are a sign that there's life in the old language yet. By Robert Sprung.


The art of choice 56A
The jury chief of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial competition writes in praise
of picking and choosing. By Grady Clay. (DISCOVERY is a special
supplement for subscribers and donors to this magazine.)


By Daniel Mark Epstein, Charles Simic, Francis Blessington, Peter Davison,
Alistair Elliot, Tom Johnson, and Cynthia Huntington. Pages 18, 20, 37, 64.

Chapter and Verse 12 . . . Letters 22 . . . Events 26 . . . Classified 57 . .
Any questions? 64


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