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ID Code Z1310.5H0030001
Title Henry L. Stimson Center : Visiting fellows newsletter 1997
Volume Spring 1997
Author Henry L. Stimson Center
Publisher Henry L. Stimson Center
Place of Publication Washington, DC.
Publication Date 1997/01/01
Language 英語 eng
Pages 24
Size (cm) 28
TOC India's Need for a Strategic Balance General V.R. Raghavan 1
Editor's Note Sony Devabhaktuni 3
Siachen: Reasons for Demilitarization Umer Farooq 4
Visiting Fellows Retreat Khurshid Khoja 6
Track II Diplomacy: The RCSS Network Aqil Shah 8
The Future of War and Peace in East and South Asia Ambassador Cheng Ruicheng 9
Kashmir and CBMs 10
Visiting Fellows Alumni News 10
However Daunting the Realities Malini Parthasarathy 14
Co-operative Security in the Post Cold War World Savita Datt 17
Sino-U.S. Strategic Confidence Building: De-Targetting vs. No-First-Use Dingli Shen 20
Track III Diplomacy? A Look at a Pakistan-India Initiative Kamal A. Mitra Chenoy 21


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