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ID Code Z1305H0020004
Title Habitat debate, September/December 1996
Volume Vol.2 No.3/4
Publisher United Nations Centre for Human Settlements(UNCHS)
Place of Publication Nairobi
Publication Date 1996/09/01
Language 英語 eng
Pages 36
Size (cm) 29
TOC Editorial 2
Habitat II Spells out Road Map to the Future by NGLS 1
The Habitat Agenda summarized by Mathions Hundsolz 6
Gender in the Agenda by Wondia seaforth 9
Consensus Achieved on Housing Rights by Edward Torgbor 11
Building Consensus in the Habitat Agenda by Daniel Biau 11
A realistic and Satisfactory Compromise by Alberto Colella 13
To Bracket or Not To Bracket? by B. Shofqat Kakokhel 15
Partner's Events:
World Assembly of Cities by Andreo Connell 16
NGO Forum by NGLS 17
Stronger, Lauder, Better Organized by Felix Dodds 18
Habitat II Dialogues Summarized by Rosna Warah 19
Best Practices 21
Experiences Gained in Committee II of the Habitat II Conference: by Mortti Lujanen 24
The Committee II Process by Sekou Sessay 25
Home the Media Viewed Habitat II by DPI 26
The Forth Estate: Who Needs Controversy? by Rasna Warah 29
National Reports and National Plans of Action: A Regional Perspective 30
Publications 34
Calendar of Events 36


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