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ID Code Z1305H0020003
Title Habitat debate, June 1996
Volume Vol.2 No.2
Publisher United Nations Centre for Human Settlements(UNCHS)
Place of Publication Nairobi
Publication Date 1996/06/01
Language 英語 eng
Pages 32
Size (cm) 29
ISSN 1020-3613
TOC Editorial 2
Options for Municipal Interventions in Urban Poverty Reduction by Emiel A. Wegelin 1
Food for Thought: Urban Poverty and Economic Adjustment by Rolf Wichmann 6
Human Settlements and the Urban Poor: Specific Recommendations by UNCHS (Habitat) 8
Poverty and the Environment - A problem or a solution? by Eleanor Cody 10
Community Management of Garbage in Kampala by Phil Bartle 11
Urban Poverty Alleviation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands 12
Settlement Upgrading Programme by Ivo IMparato 13
Reducing Poverty and Promoting Equity: Issues of equity and vulnerable groups by Catalina Hinchey Trujiillo 16
Education, Poverty and Wquity by Mark Richmond 19
Understanding Urban Survival Strategies: Urban Agriculture, the Ultimate Stage in Household Survival by Azumite Gebre-Egziabher
Distributive Justice - Reality with the Magic of a Saga by Karin Wollgren 23
Reducing Poverty and Promoting Equity for Disabled Persons by Joyce Malombe 25
Street Children in Sub-Saharan Africa: Kenya's Experience by André Dzikus and Lynette Ochala
Urban Violence, Justice and Poverty by Franz Vandershueren 29
Publications Noted & Reviews 31


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