トップページ雑誌Disarmament. Topical Papers 21


識別コード Z1310.5D0290019
書名 Disarmament. Topical Papers 21
巻数 21
出版者 United Nations
出版地 New York ; ニューヨーク
出版国 米国(US)
出版年 1995/10/01
言語区分 英語 eng
頁数 259
大きさ (cm) 28
目次 Preface iii
Part 1 Opening Session
Opening Remarks by the Director of the United Nations Centre for Disarmament Affairs 3
Statement by the Prime Minister of Japan 8
Statement by Governor of Nagasaki Prefecture 13
Statement by the Mayor of Nagasaki 16
Statement by the Mayor of Hiroshima 18
Part 2 Presentations
Plenary I: Review of Past Disarmament Efforts and Future Prospects
United States-Russian Bilateral Efforts
Ralph Earle, II 23
Bilateral Efforts by Russia and the United States in the Field of Disarmament
Grigori V. Berdennikov 31
The European Experience
Sergio Balanzino 39
Disarmament and Arms Control: Multilateral Negotiating Efforts
Michael Weston 44
The Outcome of the 1955 NPT Review and Extension Conference
Jayantha Dhanapala 50
The Outcome of the 1995 NPT Review and Extension Conference
Mohamed I. Shaker 57
Nuclear Non-Proliferation: A Survey
The World after the NPT Conference
Ben Sanders 65
Plenary II: Nuclear Disarmament Efforts and the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons
The New Strategic Balance and Cooperative Security
John Simpson 83
Reduction of Nuclear Weapons: Contribution of Other Nuclear-Weapon States
Francois Barry Delongchamps 93
China's Efforts and Expectations
Qian Jiadong 99
Negotiations on a Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty
Wolfgang Hoffmann 104
Cut-off of Fissile Materials and Nuclear Transparency
John Carlson 111
UNSCOM's Experience in the Field of Disarmament 120
Plenary III: New Approaches
Consolidation and Improvement of Existing Multilateral Disarmament Agreements
Chusei Yamada 125Confidence-building Measure: Regional Application of Missiles
Lawrence Scheinman 140
Working Group I: Complementary Nuclear Disarmament Efforts
Security Assurances for Non-Nuclear-Weapon States
Munir Ahmad Khan 148
Complementary Nuclear Disarmament Efforts: Safer Dismantling of Nuclear Weapons and Faster Reduction
Lawrence Scheinman 156
Control and Protection of Nuclear Materials
Hiroyoshi Kurihara 162
The Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy and Non-Proliferation after the 1995 NPT Review and Extension Conference
David Fischer 169
Working Group II: Developing a Favourable Environment for Disarmament
Promotion of Regional Disarmament and Security Dialogue: The United Nations and the Track-Two Approach
Mark Hong 175
Openness and Transparency in Military Matters
Hasmy Bin Agam 183
Conventional Weapons: Code of Conduct for International Transfers and Indigenous Production
Mitsuro Donowaki 189
Non-Military Threats and the Security of States
Nugroho Wisnumurti 198
Part 3 Closing Session
Complementary Nuclear Disarmament Efforts
(Report of Working Group 1)
Ben Sanders (Moderator) 213
Creating a Favourable Environment for Disarmament
(Report of Working Group 2)
Brahma Chellaney (Moderator) 217
Closing Statement
Proslav Davinic 220
Annex I Documents of the 1995 NPT Review and Extension Conference 227
Annex II Documents pertaining to nuclear security assurances 237
Annex III List of Participants 248
Annex IV Abbreviations and Acronyms 257
各号備考 Disarmament in the Last Half Century and Its Future Prospects


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