トップページ雑誌Disarmament. Topical Papers 10


識別コード Z1310.5D0290009
書名 Disarmament. Topical Papers 10
巻数 10
出版者 United Nations
出版地 New York ; ニューヨーク
出版国 米国(US)
出版年 1992/10/01
言語区分 英語 eng
頁数 183
大きさ (cm) 28
目次 Preface iii
Abbreviations and acronyms vii
Part 1 Opening Session
Opening Remarks
Prvoslav Daviniv 3
Welcome address
Mitsuro Donowaki 7
The message from the Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture
Toranosuke Takeshita 13
Statement by the Mayor of Hiroshima City
Takashi Hiraoka 15
Part 2 Closing Session
General summary
Prvoslav Davinic 21
Non-Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction
(Report of Working Group 1)
Ryukichi Imai 26
Confidence-building in the Asia-Pacific region
(Report of Working Group 2)
James Cotton 28
Part 3 Presentations
Strengthening existing non-proliferation regimes
Stephen R. Hammer, Jr. 35
Minimizing the risk of proliferation
Rolf Ekeus 45
The NPT: achievement and new obligations
Ryukichi Imai 51
Preventing nuclear proliferation in the former Soviet Union
Philip Zelikow 59
Security Council resolution 687(1991): problems and lessons
John Gee 65
National versus international solutions to the Korean problem
James Cotton 80
Developments in South-East Asia
Reaz Rahman 89
Developments in South-East Asia and Indochina
Carolina G. Hernandez 97
CBMs in the Asia-Pacific region
Mohamed Amir Jaafar 101
Prospects and challenges for new security arrangements in the Asia-Pacific region
Mark Hong 108
The 1995 NPT Review Conference and IAEA safeguards
Ronald M. Timerbaev 116
International efforts to cope with "brain-drain" issues
Dieter Boden 125
Former Soviet weapons engineers and the question of non-proliferation
Edward J. Dowdy 135
Disarmament and confidence-building on the Korean peninsula
Cho Gil Hong 142
How to realize a nuclear-free Korean peninsula
Duk-min Yun 147
The contribution of neighbours to confidence-building in Korea
Shi Jinkun 155
Building and strengthening confidence and security in Asia
Pierce S. Corden 166
List of participants 177
各号備考 Non-Proliferation and Confidence-building Measures in Asia and the Pacific


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