トップページ雑誌Disarmament. Topical Papers 5


識別コード Z1310.5D0290004
書名 Disarmament. Topical Papers 5
巻数 5
出版者 United Nations
出版地 New York ; ニューヨーク
出版国 米国(US)
出版年 1991/07/01
言語区分 英語 eng
頁数 305
大きさ (cm) 28
目次 Preface iii
Abbreviations and acronyms vii
Part 5 National experiences in the process of conversion and economic adjustment
National experiences: A comparative analysis
Arthur J. Alexander 3
The national experience of the USSR
Alexei I. Izyumov 61
The national experience of the United States
Robert M. Rauner 76
The national experience of Italy
Mario Pianta 103
The national experience of China
Jin Zhude and Chai Mliang 138
The national experience of the Federal Republic of Germany
Lutz Kollner 150
The national experience of the German Democratic Republic
Klaus Engelhardt 165
Part 6 Selected issues and problems
The problem of manpower
Peter J. Richards 181
Industries and trade
Herbert Wulf 224
Military hardware
Keith Hayward and Trevor Taylor 253
The impact of disarmament on the global economy and the environment: A technical assessment
Akira Onishi 268
Bibliography of recent publications on conversion and economic adjustment prepared by the Department for Disarmament Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat 285
Volume I of Topical Papers 5, issued as a United Nations publication (Sales No. E.91.IX.6), presents papers on the following subjects:
Part One An overview
Part Two The conversion challenge in the post-cold-war era
Part Three Perspectives on the process of conversion and adjustment
Part Four The global dimensions of conversion
Volume I also gives a list of the participants in the Moscow Conference
各号備考 Conversion: Economic Adjustments in an Era of Arms Reduction(VolumeⅡ)


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