トップページ雑誌Pacific World : Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies, Fall 2006


識別コード Z1160.5P0010007
書名 Pacific World : Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies, Fall 2006
巻数 3rd Series No. 8
出版者 Institute of Buddhist Studies
出版地 Berkeley, CA
出版国 米国(US)
出版年 2006/09/01
言語区分 英語 eng
頁数 293
大きさ (cm) 23
目次 Guest Editor's Preface: Festschrift Honoring James Sanford
Charles D. Orzech 1
Tantroid Phenomena in Early Indic Literature:
An Essay in Honor of Jim Sanford
Bruce M. Sullivan 9
Skull Imagery and Skull Magic in the Yogini Tantras
David B. Gray 21
The Guru's Tongue: Metaphor, Imagery, and Vernacular Language in Vaisnava Sahajiya Traditions
Glen Alexsander Hayes 41
Sacred Space in the Temples of West Bengal:
Folk, Bhakti, and Tantric Origins
June McDaniel 73
The Spell of the Great, Golden Peacock Queen: The Origin, Practices, and Lore of an Early Esoteric Buddhist Tradition in China
Henrik H. Sorensen 89
The Theoretical Foundations of Pure Land Buddhist Practice according to Tanluan
Roger Corless 125
Looking for Bhairrava: Exploring the Circulation of Esoteric Texts Produced by the Song Institute for Canonical Translation
Charles D. Orzech 139
Just Open Your Mouth and Say "A": A-Syllable Practice for the Time of Death in Early Medieval Japan
Jacqueline I. Stone 167
The Shingons Subordinating Fire Offering for Amitabha, "Amida Kei Ai Goma"
Richard K. Payne 191
Bhairavi Cakra: Goddess Mandalas / Rituals in Contemporary Tantra's Nondualism
Helen Crovetto 237
The Dao of the West: The Orientalist Critique and Western Interpretations of Daoism
Julia M. Hardy 269
BDK English Tripitaka Series: A Progress Report 291
各号備考 Special Issue: Honoring James H. Sanford Guest Editor: Charles D. Orzech


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