トップページ雑誌Dharma world, Oct. 1986


識別コード Z1160.5D0030001
書名 Dharma world, Oct. 1986
巻数 Special Issue
著者 Kosei Publishing
出版者 Kosei Publishing ; 佼成出版社
出版地 Tokyo ; 東京
出版国 日本(JP)
出版年 1986/10/01
言語区分 英語 eng
頁数 64
大きさ (cm) 28
ISSN 0387-5970
目次 In Earth Doomed? 2
Another Hiroshima? 4
Nuclear dangers
Rev. Niwano at the UN
Public Opinion on the Move
Implications of Chernobyl
From Ground Zero
Donations for Peace
Response to Famine
Brotherhood Is Personal
Medical Assistance on the Thai-Cambodian Border
Blankets for Africa
Happiness Is to Be Shared
A Gift Better Than Gold
Bringing Life to the Deserts of China
A Great Wall of Green
Working with Nature
Aiding Youth from the South
New Buddhist Village in Thailand
A Safe Haven for Boat People
Planting Seeds of Cooperation
Reaffirming the role of Religionists
Seeking Solidarity Beyond Religious Differences
Uniting Our Strengths for Others' Happiness
Bridges of Peace in Asia
Nichiko Niwano Receives Honorary Doctorate
seeking Unity
Erasing Old Hatreds Through Understanding
Experiencing War's Cruelty
For Them World War II Goes On 62
Recipients of Peace Fund Allocations in 1985 64
The Constitution of Japan Follows page 64


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