トップページ雑誌PHP Asia/Pacific ed. [英語版]


識別コード Z1053.1P0010002
書名 PHP Asia/Pacific ed. [英語版]
巻数 Vol. 3 No.2 <23>
出版者 PHP Institute International
出版地 Singapore ; シンガポール
出版国 シンガポール(SG)
出版年 1982/02/01
言語区分 英語 eng
頁数 82
大きさ (cm) 19
ISSN 0030-798X
目次 12 <Closer Look>
Skyscrapers in Earthquake Country
Hitoshi Takeuchi
Tokyo's quakeproof skyscrapers brave those unpredictable ground tremors.
23 <Mind and Body>
All About Fat
Alice l. Bratton and Joseph A. Precker
The affluent society has a lobe-hate relationship with food.
40 <Great Ideas>
Return of the Recycling Society
Jane Condon
The Japanese look back to their traditions for new ideas in waste management.
60 <Bright Spots>
Images of Peace
Dave DeRoche
A Vietnamese photographer preserves the classic beauty of his war-torn homeland.
31 <Thinkers>
Why the Japanese Love Whisky
Interview with Keizo Saji, Presidento of Suntory , Ltd.
50 <Achievers>
Music for the Ages
Alan Booth
Festival music survives on the energy and enthusiasm of Taneo Wakayama.
73 <Sound of One Land>
Hooked on Kanji
Jack Halpern
Forget how mysterious Chinese characters look. Here's a map and compass for their exploration.
1 Letters
5 This Month in PHP
6 Column
9 Voices
56 World Festivals
79 Books
82 Editorial


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