トップページ雑誌PHP [英語版]


識別コード Z1053.1P0010001
書名 PHP [英語版]
巻数 Vol.13 No.1 <136>
出版者 PHP Institute International
出版地 Tokyo ; 東京
出版国 日本(JP)
出版年 1982/01/01
言語区分 英語 eng
頁数 91
大きさ (cm) 19
ISSN 0030-798X
目次 12 <Special Feature>
The Continental Quest - Part II
Fred McBee and Jack Ballinger
The first wheelchair team to cross the North American continent is halfway there with its greatest challenge still to come.
20 <Bright Spots>
Mother Teresa - Loving the Loveless
Text and photographs by Morihiro Oki
A photographer finds a story of hope in a hopeless land.
32 <Global Trends>
Feeding the Military Machine
Colin Norman
The predominant occupation of the global research and development enterprise is just what you think it is.
43 <Mind and Body>
Unlocking Your Secret Strengths
John Enright and Launa Huffines
Solving personal problems may be as simple as rediscovering forgotten of misplaced tools.
49 <Thinkers>
The Amazing Ideas of Ryotaro Nohmura
When the president of a tent manufacturing company uses his imagination, the results are no ordinary schemes.
58 <Achievers>
Whatever Happened to Clarence Streit?
Dave DeRoche
An old-time crusader may yet change the face of the global with his plan for peace.
73 <The Sound of One Land>
Straight to The Core of Kanji
Jack Halpern
The final barrier is broken in the path to understanding Japanese writing.
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9 Column
56 World Festivals
82 Voices
86 Editorial
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