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ID Code 3503-0011
Artifact Name Glasses
Donor UESUGI Ayako
Receiving Date 1964/07/28
Size (W×H×D) (mm)
Distance from the Hypocenter(m) 1900
Number 1
Location Yoshijima, Funairi, Kan-on areas
Description Glasses
Donation / Ayako Uesugi
Approx. 1,900m from the hypocenter Funairi-kawaguchi-cho
Kazuji Uesugi (then 52) was exposed while walking on the road about 100m from his home. He hurried back to his house where he found his wife Ayako (then 45) trapped under the collapsed building. He helped her escape. Glass fragments were piercing Ayako’s face, and Kazuji, who was struck by the heat rays, was seriously burned on his face, hands, and chest over onto his shoulder. On the 7th, his son, who had just entered medical school in Yamaguchi Prefecture, returned and tended to them using the skills he had just learned about emergency first aid. Kazuji was miraculously spared.


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