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A-bomb Artifacts

ID Code 3501-0040
Artifact Name Wristwatch
Donor Yukiko Matsumoto
Receiving Date 2004/08/02
Size (W×H×D) (mm)
Distance from the Hypocenter(m) 1000
Number 2
Location Kokutaiji, Senda areas
Description Wristwatch and safety razor serving as
decisive factors to identify the donor's father
Donated by Yukiko Matsumoto
1,000m from the hypocenter Ote-machi 8-chome (now, Ote-machi 4-chome)
Shigeru Yokoyama (then, 39), the donor's father, responded to a defense call on August 6, and remained missing after heading for the rendezvous point. Two weeks later, Shigeru's ashes were found with his wristwatch and safety razor at the former site of the Otemachi Elementary School auditorium where Shigeru was supposed to be stationed, according to information provided by a person who was drafted together with Shigeru. The wristwatch, which was a decisive factor in identifying Shigeru, actually belonged to his wife, and which Shigeru happened to have borrowed and worn on the day of the bombing.


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