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A-bomb Artifacts

ID Code 3204-0013
Artifact Name The steel helmet that saved his life
Donor Ryo Fukumaru
Receiving Date 1968/10/13
Size (W×H×D) (mm) 280×140×255
Distance from the Hypocenter(m) 2000
Number 1
Location Misasa, Gion areas
Description Ryo Fukumaru (then, 27) was a teacher at Koi National School. He was exposed to the A-bomb just as he arrived at Hiroshima Casting Company with 50 students he was escorting. He was badly burned over his entire body except his head, where he had been wearing a metal helmet, and on his legs, where he had been wearing gaiters. He returned to school and collapsed. Two days later, he was carried on a stretcher back to his family, who first failed to recognize him the badly burnt young man. He struggled on the brink of death for over six months, but was eventually able to return to work, scarred over most of his body.


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