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ID Code 3108-0057
Artifact Name Belt Buckle Worn at the Time of the Atomic Bombing
Donor SHINODA Shiro
Receiving Date 2015/07/06
Size (W×H×D) (mm) 69×32
Distance from the Hypocenter(m)
Number 1
Location Minami, Ujina areas
Description Belt Buckle Worn at the Time of the Atomic Bombing
Donated by Shiro Shinoda
Approx. 2,100m from the hypocenter Minami-machi
Mr. Shiro Shinoda (then, 15), a third-year student of Sanyo Junior High School at the time, was exposed to the A-bombing while at a factory where he was engaged in the labor services. The moment he turned to face a drilling machine to begin his work, a flash streaked outside the windows. With a huge explosion, it became completely dark. After a while, it became bright again, and Shiro desperately stepped over fallen pillars and made his way outdoors, where he found no buildings around him. Every street was filled with bloody people. He was also covered with blood, with glass shards impaled in his neck and chest. The palm of his right hand, with which he had been holding the iron handle of the drilling machine, was torn. Not being able to receive treatment at any hospital, he spent that night alone. At many air-raid shelters around him, piles of bodies were cremated. The following morning, when he was walking to find his elder sister Kiyoko, he happened to see her coming toward him. He ran and hugged her.


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