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ID Code 3102-0116
Artifact Name Trousers Worn at the Time of the Atomic Bombing
Donor SHIMAMOTO Yukiaki
Receiving Date 2015/11/11
Size (W×H×D) (mm) 510×940
Distance from the Hypocenter(m) 1800
Number 1
Location Misasa, Gion areas
Description Trousers Worn at the Time of the Atomic Bombing
Donated by Yukiaki Shimamoto
Approx. 1,800m from the hypocenter Yokogawa-cho
Mr. Hidejiro Shimamoto (then, 48) ran a needle factory for the army in Osaka. Since his wife Iseno had been evacuated to her parents’ home in Kabe-cho in the suburbs of Hiroshima, he went back and forth between Kabe-cho and his factory in Osaka. On the morning of August 6th, when Hidejiro was on his way to Osaka, he was exposed to the A-bombing on the platform of Yokogawa Station. Although he was blown away instantly by the bomb blast, he fortunately suffered no serious injuries.
Nevertheless, Hidejiro was diagnosed with leukemia after the end of the war.
This pair of trousers was worn by him at the time of the atomic bombing. He stored the item in a box of paulownia wood and preserved it with considerable care. He often talked to his son Yukiaki about the atomic bombing. After Hidejiro’s death, the trousers were handed down to Yukiaki, who also preserved them with considerable care. As Hidejiro requested before his death, they have recently been donated to the museum.


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