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ID Code 3102-0098
Artifact Name Trousers
Donor Kikue Sugihara
Receiving Date 2005/05/23
Size (W×H×D) (mm) 500×870
Distance from the Hypocenter(m) 2200
Number 1
Location Minami, Ujina areas
Description Trousers
Kikue Sugihara’s nephew Yoshiki Azuma, a first-year student at Hiroshima Prefectural Commercial School, was exposed during morning assembly in the school yard. He was burned over his entire body and taken into a Toyo Kogyo Company dormitory turned into a relief station. That is where his mother, Miyako, found him. She took him to a hospital in Kure City, where the family had evacuated, but he died on September 24. Yoshiki was exposed wearing these trousers and cap. Both are blood stained. The cuts in the trousers were made to remove them.

(from the donor’s comments)
My sister found the name “Azuma” in the ledger at a relief station but could not recognize her son because his face was so disfigured by burns. She recognized him by a surgical scar on his abdomen and took him home to our evacuation site. She and her husband lost their only child and the two of them lived alone the rest of their lives. My sister died in 2003, and these pants and cap were discovered in a chest of drawers when we were cleaning out her house. She had never said a word about keeping these things and no one knew she had them.


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