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ID Code 3101-0192
Artifact Name Shirt
Donor Yoshie Yatagai
Receiving Date 2009/01/28
Size (W×H×D) (mm) 370×470
Distance from the Hypocenter(m) 900
Number 1
Location Kokutaiji, Senda areas
Description 900m from the hypocenter Zakoba-cho (now, Kokutaiji-machi 1-chome)
The donor's husband, Ushio Yatagai (then, 12), was a first-year student at First Hiroshima Prefectural Junior High School. He was exposed to the bomb in a school building, while waiting to be called to his building demolition work. He was blown by the blast and buried under the collapsed school building. He struggled frantically and escaped from the building with two friends. They fled helping to support a teacher who was severely burned. Ushio, who was riddled by fragments of broken glass, hovered near death with a high fever. He recovered thanks to his mother's attentive care. Ushio was wearing this shirt at the time of the A-bombing. These gaiters and gauze were applied to stop his bleeding. The sleeves had to be cut off with scissors because they were stuck fast to his body with dried blood.


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