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ID Code 3101-0108
Artifact Name Blouse
Donor Matsuyo Tagawa
Receiving Date 1972/09/25
Size (W×H×D) (mm) 490×620
Distance from the Hypocenter(m) 1000
Number 1
Location Kokutaiji, Senda areas
Description Belongings of Asayo Tagawa (23 years old)
Donated by Matsuyo Tagawa, Asayo’s younger sister
Asayo Tagawa was exposed to the bombing together with her mother, Wakano Tanii (then 55) at their building demolition worksite 1,000 m from the hypocenter. Asayo died the next day, on the 7th. Her mother Wakano was never found.
These were the clothes Asayo was wearing that day.
[Story by Matsuyo Tagawa, Asayo’s younger sister]
Despite suffering burns over her entire body, my older sister came to our parent’s home in the city outskirts. She was desperate to return to her two-year-old daughter we were watching. I don’t think she realized what had happened to her own body.
“Mother’s face was black and her eyes were glistening.”
That’s how she looked to her little daughter.
After making sure that her dear daughter was safe, my sister died the next day, on the 7th.
We never found any remains of my mother, who went out with my sister.


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