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A-bomb Artifacts

ID Code 2303-0033
Artifact Name Iron kettle
Donor Nayoko Sorita
Receiving Date 2003/10/27
Size (W×H×D) (mm) 140×160×120
Distance from the Hypocenter(m) 1000
Number 1
Location Kokutaiji, Senda areas
Description The family of Riyo Maekawa (related the donor) managed the dormitory Konanryo for special exchange students from South Asian countries at Hiroshima University of Literature and Science. When the bomb exploded, the family and the exchange students were in the dormitory and the adjoining Maekawa home. The exchange students helped Riyo and her family escape from the house as it burned down. Around August 11, they reunited with Nayoko and others who came searching for them and received treatment. Nonetheless, Riyo’s family perished, one after another. This was found in the ruins of their home. (The handle and lid were replaced after the war.)


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