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ID Code 2101-0886
Artifact Name Western-style Plate Dug Out from the Remains of a Burned House
Donor KINOSHITA Saburo
Receiving Date 2015/08/19
Size (W×H×D) (mm)
Distance from the Hypocenter(m) 1800
Number 1
Location Misasa, Gion areas
Description Western-style Plate Dug Out from the Remains of a Burned House
Donated by Saburo Kinoshita
Approx. 1,800m from the hypocenter Kusunoki-cho
Closing a soap factory that he ran in Kusunoki-cho, Mr. Kanichi Kinoshita (then, 45) was evacuated to Numata, together with his parents and his third son Saburo. In his home in Kusunoki-cho remained his wife Yoshie (then, 34) and his second-son Michio, who was a second-year student of Hiroshima Municipal Junior High School then. At his place of evacuation, Kanichi heard an explosive sound, felt a bomb blast, and saw a mushroom-shaped cloud. Worrying about his wife and second son, he headed to the city, where he found that his house had been totally reduced to ashes. Not being able to find his wife nor second son, Kanichi went to the school, which had been designated as an emergency evacuation place. Looking for the two, he went in and out of the school repeatedly through the gate, when a woman spoke to him. It was his wife Yoshie. Kanichi caught his breath. All they could do was look at each other for a while. Yoshie’s face turned black as charcoal, with oil clay and straw in her ears. She was bleeding with her arms and legs severely burned, her clothing reduced to tatters. Kanichi took Yoshie to his evacuation place, but there was no medicine available. All he could do was apply oil to her. Since Yoshie had severe burns on her back, she could not lie down, forcing her to remain seated for one or two years. According to Yoshie, Michio did not come back from the building demolition site in Koami-cho. Searching for Michio many times, Kanichi continued to hope that he might come back suddenly, but he did not return.
Kanichi found this Western-style plate while digging out the remains of his burned storehouse. Storing this item next to his family Buddhist altar, he preserved it with considerable care for a long time.


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