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ID Code 2101-0591
Artifact Name Tea Ceremony Bowl
Donor Hiroko Kume
Receiving Date 2000/11/06
Size (W×H×D) (mm)
Distance from the Hypocenter(m) 450
Number 1
Location Kamiya-cho, Hondori areas
Description Hiroko Kihara (then, 16), a student at Hijiyama Girls High School, was exposed at her mobilization site at Hiroshima Station. Her body was pierced with glass fragments and she was covered with blood, but she escaped to Kabe Town, which her family had designated as a gathering place. She waited in vain. Finally learning that the city center was totally destroyed, Hiroko headed for the city center the following day. Her father Yasokichi (then, 65) and mother Teru (then, 60) had been killed at home. Hiroko, all alone, gathered her parents’ bones from the burnt ashes of their house. She also found the medal and the bowl, her only other reminders of them.


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