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ID Code 1299-0041
Artifact Name Keepsake: parasol
Donor Mie Yamada
Receiving Date 2009/12/21
Size (W×H×D) (mm)
Distance from the Hypocenter(m) 1400
Number 1
Location Yoshijima, Funairi, Kan-on areas
Description Kozo Yamada, the donor's husband (then, 14), was exposed to the bomb at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Hiroshima Machine Tool Works in Minami-kan-on-machi, where Kozo had been mobilized. Finally returning home two days later, he found that his home had half collapsed and that his grandmother Shige was suffering from injuries. Despite Kozo's devoted care, Shige passed away on October 29. For Kozo, who had lost his mother early, Shige had been like a mother figure. Kozo cremated his grandmother's body himself. This parasol was cherished by Shige, being carefully kept in an air-raid shelter during World War II.


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