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A-bomb Artifacts

ID Code 1208-0008
Artifact Name Wall clock
Donor Kuwami Yoshida
Receiving Date 1991/07/04
Size (W×H×D) (mm)
Distance from the Hypocenter(m) 2880
Number 1
Location Yoshijima, Funairi, Kan-on areas
Description Kiyoshi Shima was exposed at home with his wife and child. They were trapped under the collapsed building. Kiyoshi managed to crawl out, but his wife and child burned up in front of his helpless eyes. Hearing from Kiyoshi, who was in a state of shock, his colleagues headed for his home, still hoping to save the family. They were repelled by the fierce flames. Kiyoshi gave this watch, stopped at the moment of explosion, to his friend Yoshida, for helping him.


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