識別コード 7102-0111
資料名 お産道具
寄贈者(カナ) 益田 遙(マスダ ハルカ)、東 保都枝(アズマ ホヅエ)、益田 紀志雄(マスダ キシオ)
寄贈者(英語) MASUDA Haruka、AZUMA Hozue、MASUDA Kishio
受入年月日 2013/9/25
寸法(その他) 30φ×360(棒)、310×420(台)(はかり)45φ×165(聴診器)、130×280×10(お腹の大きさを計る器具)、60×230×35(鉗子)、13×135×20(ピンセット)等
被爆地(旧町名) 己斐橋
爆心地からの距離(m) 1900
数量 7
内容 助産師の益田小蝝さん(当時40歳)は、往診途中、爆心地から1.9㎞の福島町で、己斐橋を歩いて渡っているときに被爆、服が燃え上がったため川に飛び込んだ。両腕に大やけどを負っていたが、暗くなるまでけが人を救護し続けた。めまいがして土手で倒れていると、18歳の初産の女性が産気づいているとの知らせを受け、やけどの両腕で必死で赤ちゃんを取り上げた。
ブロック別 己斐・草津地区
展示説明文 1945年8月6日の助産記録とお産道具
寄贈/益田遙[マスダ ハルカ]、東保都枝[アズマ ホヅエ]、益田紀志雄[マスダ キシオ]

<2013(平成25)年8月7日放送 TBSニュース23より>

「佐々木マサ子 18 初出産 20年8月6日夜中 福島畠中で出産」
展示説明文(英語) Midwife report from August 6, 1945 and birthing instruments
Donated by Haruka Masuda, Hozue Azuma and Kishio Masuda
Koen Masuda (then, 40), the donor’s mother, was a midwife who left her house on the morning of August 6 to make house calls. Unable to continue waiting for the tardy streetcar, she was crossing the iron bridge in Koi when she experienced the atomic bombing. She jumped into the river because her clothes were burning, but received serious burns on both her arms. Mrs. Masuda suppressed her injuries and administered first aid until it was dark. Dizzy, she collapsed on the embankment, but upon hearing that an 18-year old first-time mother was experiencing labor pains, she delivered the baby. She had these tools with her at the time of the bombing. She left behind the records of 4000 births and this report between June 21, 1944 and August 6, 1945 includes the baby she delivered on that day.

She’s giving birth!
From the account of Harue Nakanishi, classmate of Masako Sasaki, the expectant mother:
One after another, the people fleeing died. Pushing past hundreds of people, there was no place to walk. Surrounded by the dead and dying, I was in a daze. Then, I heard a loud voice, “She’s giving birth!” “Is Masuda Sensei here?” I heard someone calling for Mrs. Masuda. With burns on both her arms, I didn’t think her circumstances would allow her to deliver a baby. Despite that, she began to prepare for the delivery. She told us to get some millet and reeds and everyone went to pick them. She made a mound on the ground with what we had gathered and called for someone to bring a kimono or rags to cover the mound. The expectant mother was also seriously injured and on the verge of death.
Ma-chan’s (Masako Sasaki) leg was dangling limp and she felt pain at the slightest touch. Her screams of pain were loud in the darkness and everyone came to watch over her. When they heard the first cries of the newborn baby, everyone cheered. As Mrs. Masuda spoke the words, “It’s a boy!” she passed out. Shortly after, Ma-chan was foaming at the mouth and died. I heard that the child who was born died a month later. In the end, mother and child both died. When I think of Ma-chan, I wanted him to live, to grow up.
From News 23, Tokyo Broad Casting System Television. Broadcast on August 7, 2013.

Midwife report from August 6
August 6, 1945 Evening. Born in a field, Fukushima.
Masako Sasaki, 18, first child.
資料性質 被爆資料


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