識別コード 3110-0001
資料名 タオル
寄贈者(カナ) 髙木 尊之(タカギ タカユキ)
寄贈者(英語) Takayuki Takagi
受入年月日 1987/08/05
寸法(幅×高さ×奥行)(mm) 750×310
被爆地(旧町名) 雑魚場町
被爆地(現町名) 国泰寺町
爆心地からの距離(m) 1200
数量 1
内容 髙木敏子さん(当時34歳)は、義勇隊員として雑魚場町の建物疎開作業現場で勤労奉仕中に被爆、目もくらむほどの光線を浴び、爆風で吹き飛ばされた。どうにか翠町の自宅にたどり着いたが、顔面は黒焦げで、顔の見極めがつかないほどの大火傷を負っていた。夫の尊之さんは市内を奔走して薬を手に入れ、懸命に看護を続けた。敏子さんは高熱を出し、全身の火傷の跡が化膿して膿が出ていた。8月10日午前、敏子さんは夫とまだ幼い子ども3人を残して、死亡した。敏子さんが身に着けていたこれらの衣服は、尊之さんが、子どもたちのために母親の思い出の品として残しておいたものである。
ブロック別 国泰寺・千田地区
展示説明文 母の軍手とタオル
寄贈/髙木尊之(たかぎ たかゆき)

展示説明文(英語) Mother’s Cotton Work Gloves and Towel
Donated by Takayuki Takagi
Toshiko Takagi experienced the atomic bombing during her labor service. Her entire body was exposed to the heat rays. Her face was so charred that even her family could not easily identify her. Her husband Takayuki ran around the city to obtain medicine and took care of her in every possible way. However, Toshiko developed a high fever, and the burn wounds over her body festered. Her condition continued to deteriorate. At 10:50 a.m. on August 10, after suffering a long and agonizing pain, she died leaving her husband and three children behind. These work gloves and towel are the items Toshiko was using at the time of the bombing.

“My younger sister, Makiko told me that while my mother stayed in bed with severe burns, she held Makiko to such an extent that her festered wounds stuck onto Makiko.
I also heard that my mother kept asking ‘(Take) my photo for Yasuyuki! ’ until the moment she died. I was evacuated and away from home at that time.
Even on the brink of death, she was caring about me, who was not able to meet her again.
Whenever I think of my mother, I cannot hold back the tears. I got separated from her when I was only nine, when I needed affection and attention from her the most.” (Story by Yasuyuki)
資料性質 被爆資料


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