識別コード 3103-0016
資料名 子ども用ワンピース
資料名(英語) One-Piece Dress for a Child
寄贈者(カナ) 橋本 弘幸(ハシモト ヒロユキ)
寄贈者(英語) HASHIMOTO Hiroyuki
受入年月日 2015/10/03
寸法(幅×高さ×奥行)(mm) 450×500
被爆地(旧町名) 宝町
被爆地(現町名) 宝町
爆心地からの距離(m) 1280
数量 1
内容 竹屋国民学校児童の八百野清子さん(当時11歳)は、校舎2階の教室で被爆した。顔や首にはガラス片が突き刺さった。校舎は火の海になり、脱出した清子さんは近くの京橋川に飛び込んだ。死体をよけながら長い間川の中にいた清子さんは、夕方になって「この子は生きている」と助けられ、舟で金輪島へ運ばれた。その後、坂町小屋浦の救護所に収容され、8月15日までそこで過ごした。被爆前、家族は広島市近郊の緑井へ疎開していた。知人に連れられ、清子さんが緑井の疎開先へ向かうと、幸いにも家族は無事だった。清子さんは、全身の倦怠感や悪心、脱毛、下痢などに苦しめられたが、どうにか回復した。被爆時に着ていたこのワンピースを、清子さんは亡くなるまで大切に保管していたが、被爆時のことを語ることはあまりにも辛く、自分が亡くなった後、このワンピースを資料館へ寄贈するようにと言い遺していた。
ブロック別 国泰寺・千田地区
展示説明文 子ども用ワンピース
爆心地から約1,280m 宝町
展示説明文(英語) One-Piece Dress for a Child
Donated by Hiroyuki Hashimoto
Approx. 1,280m from the hypocenter Takara-machi
Ms. Kiyoko Yaono (then, 11), a student of Takeya Elementary School, was exposed to the A-bombing when she was on the second floor of the school building. She escaped from the building engulfed in the flames, with glass pieces stuck in her face and neck, and dove into the nearby Kyobashi River. While avoiding bodies, she remained in the river for a long time. In the evening, she was rescued by someone who noticed that she was alive, and carried to Kanawajima Island by ship. Afterward, she was accommodated at an aid station in Koyaura, Saka-cho, where she stayed until August 15th. She was then taken by an acquaintance to the place where her family had been evacuated. Fortunately, her family was safe. Although Kiyoko suffered from a general physical weariness, nausea, loss of hair, diarrhea, and other symptoms, she somehow recovered.
This is the one-piece dress that she was wearing at the time of the atomic bombing. She preserved it with considerable care until she died. She said that it was too painful to talk about what had happened in the disaster. She wrote in her will that the dress should be donated to the museum after her death and the will has been faithfully executed by her bereaved family.
資料性質 被爆資料


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