識別コード 3101-0110
資料名 上着
資料名(英語) Jacket
寄贈者(カナ) 吉川 房太郎(キッカワ/ヨシカワ フサタロウ)
寸法(幅×高さ×奥行)(mm) 710×930
被爆地(旧町名) 己斐町
被爆地(現町名) 己斐本町一丁目
爆心地からの距離(m) 2500
数量 1
内容 吉川房太郎さんは大竹町義勇隊員として出動中、己斐駅付近で被爆した。
ブロック別 己斐・草津地区
展示説明文 原爆記念館に展示されていた上着
爆心地から約1,800m 福島町 吉川房太郎寄贈
展示説明文(英語) Jacket exhibited in the A-bomb Memorial Hall
1,800 m from the hypocenter Fukushima-cho
Donated by Fusataro Kikkawa
Fusataro Kikkawa was a member of a volunteer team from Otake-cho (current Otake City). He was exposed to the atomic bombing on his way to his building demolition worksite in Hiroshima City. He suffered burns on his face, and on both hands from his wrists to his fingertips. He boarded a rescue train with the other team members who survived, and returned home. He was unable to sleep that day due to the severe pain from his burns. The next day, the left side of his face was swollen. He endured pain and fever for several days. He was wearing this jacket that day. The parts that were covered by the straps for the water bottle and bag that were hanging across his body were left unchanged.
資料性質 被爆資料


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