識別コード 1204-0027
資料名 暁部隊印
資料名(英語) Akatsuki Corps seal
寄贈者(カナ) 平間 悦郎(ヒラマ エツロウ)
寄贈者(英語) Etsuro Hirama
受入年月日 2005/05/17
寸法(幅×高さ×奥行)(mm) 22×22×60
被爆地(旧町名) 比治山
被爆地(現町名) 比治山
爆心地からの距離(m) 2000
数量 1
内容 陸軍中佐で暁部隊の副司令官だった父親の平間寛次郎さん(当時40歳)は、司令部の営門へ向う途中に被爆した。その様子を目撃した寛次郎さんの部下によると、寛次郎さんは乗っていた馬ごと吹飛ばされ、背中が黒焦げになっていた。すぐに部隊の防空壕へ収容され、4、5日後、広島市郊外の陸軍仮病院に転院し手当てを受けたが顔や手に包帯を巻かれ、目と口だけが開いている状態だった。
ブロック別 比治山・仁保地区
展示説明文 暁部隊印

展示説明文(英語) Akatsuki Corps seal
Etsuro Hirama's father, Kanjiro, was vice commander of the Army Marine Headquarters Akatsuki Corps. He was exposed in front of the gate on the way to the Hijiyama Army Marine Artillery Corps Command. He received treatment at a temporary army hospital on the outskirts of Hiroshima. Bandages were wrapped around his arms and face, revealing only his eyes and mouth. After he was released, he worked at the Demobilization Bureau of the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Ujina. In August 1953, he died of leukemia in Osaka, where he had moved. When Kanjiro was hospitalized, one of his subordinates delivered the Akatsuki Corps seal, which was needed for approving decisions. Because the war ended soon thereafter, the seal remained in the household's possession.

(from the donor's accounts and comments)
My mother hated to talk about the situation after the bombing, calling it "hell on earth". When she died 12 years ago, I was the only one left who knew about the Hiroshima catastrophe, the soldiers, and the seal belonging to the corps.I see that my father's life began and ended with war. I give thanks for the peace of today.
資料性質 被爆資料


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