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No Title Author Publisher ID Code
1 PHP [in English] PHP Institute Z1053.1P001
2 Peace Research : the Canadian Journal of Peace Research Studies Brandon University Z1053.1P003
3 Peace Research in Japan The Japan Peace Research Group The Japan Peace Research Group Z1053.1P004
4 Peace Studies Newsletter Peace Studies Association of Japan Peace Studies Association of Japan Z1053.1P006
5 Peace Research Society (International) The Peace Research Society, Department of Regional Science The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Z1053.1P007
6 Peace Studies Bulletin Peace Studies Association of Japan Peace Studies Association of Japan Z1053.1P008
7 PHP : Edicion Internacional [in Spanish] PHP Institute Z1056.1P001
8 PRIME : Occasional papers series International Peace Research Institute, Meiji Gakuin University Z1305P004
9 Popline The Poulaition Institute Z1305P007
10 Press Release Press Office, United States Information Service, American Embassy Z1310.5P001
11 Peace in Progress : Newletter of the Peres Center for Peace Peres Center for Peace Z1310.5P002
12 Peace Matters : Newsletter of the Hague Appeal for Peace The Hague appeal for peace Z1310.5P005
13 Peace Studies News University of Bradford. Department of Peace Studies Z1310.5P006
14 Peace Forum The Graduate Institute of Peace Studies, Kyung Hee University Z1310.5P008
15 Pacific Citizen The Japanese American Citizens League Z1310.5P050
16 Pax Report Deutscher Friedensrat e.V. Z1310.5P051
17 Peace Chinese People's Association for Peace and Disarmament Z1310.5P052
18 Peace and Disarmament News International Security Division Z1310.5P053
19 Peace Courier Peace Courier ry. Information Centre of the World Peace Council Z1310.5P054
20 Peace Culture Hiroshima Peace Cultuer Foundation Z1310.5P055


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