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No 書名 著者 出版者 コード
1 4・3과 평화 = 4・3 and Peace ; 4・3と平和 제주4・3평화재단 = Jeju 4・3 Peace Foundation ; 済州4・3平和財団 Z1310.5S074
2 PEN (ペン) 日本ペンクラブ Z0905.3P033
3 PHP [英語版] PHP Institute Z1053.1P001
4 PHP : Edicion Internacional [スペイン語版] PHP Institute Z1056.1P001
5 PND 日本福音ルーテル教会西教区、平和と核兵器廃絶を求める委員会、平和セミナー実行委員会 Z0160.5P029
6 PRIME 明治学院大学国際平和研究所 Z0305P004
7 PRIME : Occasional papers series International Peace Research Institute, Meiji Gakuin University ; 明治学院大学国際平和研究所 Z1305P004
8 PRIME Occasional Papers 明治学院大学国際平和研究所 Z0305P005
9 Pacific Citizen The Japanese American Citizens League Z1310.5P050
10 Pacific World : Journal of the Institiute of Buddhist Studies Institute of Buddhist Studies Z1160.5P001
11 Pax Report Deutscher Friedensrat e.V. Z1310.5P051
12 Paz Y Soberanía Comite organizador Movimiento Cubano por la paz y la Soberania de los Pueblos Z1310.5P069
13 Peace Courier Peace Courier ry. Information Centre of the World Peace Council Z1310.5P054
14 Peace Culture Hiroshima Peace Cultuer Foundation Z1310.5P055
15 Peace Depot Newsletter The Peace Depot (Peace Resources Cooperative, Japan) ; 平和資料協同組合(ピースデポ) Z1310.5P066
16 Peace Forum The Graduate Institute of Peace Studies, Kyung Hee University Z1310.5P008
17 Peace Matters : Newsletter of the Hague Appeal for Peace The Hague appeal for peace Z1310.5P005
18 Peace News International Centre for Peace in the Middle East Z1310.5P058
19 Peace News Bulletin World Peace Council Liaison Office Z1310.5P059
20 Peace Notes : a Newsletter for Peace Messengers Peace Studies Unit, Department of Political and Security Council Affairs, United Nations Z1310.5P060


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