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No 書名 著者 出版者 コード
1 Newsletter of Americans for the Universality of UNESCO Americans for the Universality of UNESCO Z1370.5N001
2 MAMBA : Méandres à travers le monde par brèves analyses Art & Fact Z1705M001
3 No more Hiroshimas : bulletin of Japan Council against A & H Bombs Gensuikyo, Japan Council against A & H Bombs ; 原水協(原水爆禁止日本協議会) Z1310.5N043
4 Muse : Japanese Network of Museums for Peace Newsletter Grassroots House Grassroots House Z1310.5M001
5 NGO News On Human Settlements Habitat II Global NGO Secretariat Z1305N001
6 Link-Up : Hiroshima Prefecture News Hiroshima Prefectural Government, Public Relations Section Hiroshima Prefectural Government Z1053.4L003
7 Le Monde Le Monde Z1070.5L001
8 New Routes : a journal of peace research and action Life & Peace Institute Z1053.1N002
9 Life & Peace Review Life and Peace Institute Z1310.5L040
10 Link Club Newsletter Link Club事務局 Z0540.5L001
11 Marie Claire Marie Claire Album Z1055.3M001
12 Mayors for Peace Newsletter Mayors for Peace Secretariat Z1310.5M002
13 NGO Reporter NGO/DPI Executive Committee, United Nations Z1320.5N001
14 NHKひろしまだより NHK広島放送局 Z0051.9N005
15 NPO・中帰連平和記念館 NPO・中帰連平和記念館 Z0069.05N004
16 New Zealand News UK NZ News UK (New Zealand News UK) Z1070.5N003
17 NAYD Quarterly for Youth & International Exchange National Assembly for Youth Development ; 青少年育成国民会議 Z1053.4N004
18 National geographic National Geographic Society Z1405N003
19 Nikkei Heritage National Japanese American Historical Society Z1205N002
20 Newsweek - Pacific ed. Newsweek Inc. Z1053.3N003


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