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No 書名 著者 出版者 コード
21 Bulietin MFDP NU = UN SMDP Z1310.5B002
22 Dialogue MiZaMir MiZaMir Z1310.5D031
23 Asian Youth ed. by International Edtorial Board National Assembly for Youth Development ; 青少年育成国民会議 Z1053.4A001
24 Atomic Veterans' Newsletter National Association of Atomic Veterans Z1360.5A001
25 Artikel Kommentare Panorama DDR Z1310.5A012
26 Bulletin : information from the GDR Panorama DDR Z1310.5B007
27 Dokumentarische Information Panorama DDR Z1310.5D020
28 CTBTO Spectrum Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) Z1310.5C012
29 Background Bulletin Press Office, United States Information Service, American Embassy ; 米国大使館広報・文化交流局報道部 Z1310.5B004
30 Deutschland ドイッチュランド Societats-Verlag Z0051.3D012
31 Der Spiegel Spiegel-Verlag Z1310.5D026
32 Action Staff Union of the United Nations at Geneva Staff Union of the United Nations at Geneva Z1310.5A001
33 American : magazine of the American University The American University Z1370.5A001
34 CPHU Research Report Series The Center for Peace, Hiroshima University (CPHU) ; 広島大学平和センター Z1310.5C014
35 Bombs Away! The Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy Z1310.5B006
36 Disarmament Times The NGO Committee on Disarmament Z1310.5D018
37 A Newsletter of The Nagasaki Peace Institute The Nagasaki Peace Institute The Nagasaki Peace Institute Z1310.5A004
38 Echoes of peace : quarterly bulletin of the Niwano Peace Foundation The Niwano Peace Foundation ; 庭野平和財団 Z1160.5E004
39 Contact The World Federalist Youth Z1310.5C010
40 Dallas Times Herald Times Herald Print Z1070.5D001

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