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No 書名 著者 出版者 コード
1 ANT通信 ANT-Hiroshima Z0310.5A008
2 APRI Newsletter African Peace Research Institute Z1310.5A003
3 Development & Socio-Economic Progress Afro-Asian People's Solidarity Organization (AAPSO) Afro-Asian People's Solidarity Organization (AAPSO) Z1330.5D001
4 Bulletin [Center for Asian Studies] American University. Center for Asian Studies American University. Center for Asian Studies Z1053.1B001
5 Arms Control Today Arms Control Association Z1310.5A011
6 Derechos Humanos Asociación pro Derechos Humanos de España Z1310.5D011
7 ABCC List of Periodicals ; 雑誌目録(欧文) Atomic Bomb Casualty Commision ; 原爆障害調査委員会 Z1490.5A001
8 BFHI News BFHI News Z1310.5B001
9 CROSSROAD BHN支援協議会 BHN支援協議会 Z0605C001
10 Diogenes Berghahn Books Z1305D002
11 Bulletin Chinese Association for International understanding Z1205B001
12 Citoyens du Monde Citoyens du Monde Z1310.5C008
13 Combat Pour La Paix Conseil National De Mouvement De La Paix Z1310.5C013
14 Baptist Peacemaker Deer Park Baptist Church Z1190.605B001
15 Evolution Evolution Z1310.5E022
16 Campaign to Free Vanunu and for nuclear-free Middle East Free Vanunu Campaign Z1310.5C006
17 Daleggere Impegno Social Z1310.5D025
18 Energy and Security Institute for Energy and Environmental Research Z1405E001
19 Cultura de Paz Instituto "Martin Luther King" UPOLI Z1305C006
20 Dharma world Kosei Publishing Kosei Publishing ; 佼成出版社 Z1160.5D003


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