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No 書名 著者 出版者 コード
1 ABCC List of Periodicals ; 雑誌目録(欧文) Atomic Bomb Casualty Commision ; 原爆障害調査委員会 Z1490.5A001
2 Energy and Security Institute for Energy and Environmental Research Z1405E001
3 Culture of Peace Newsletter UNESCO Z1370.5C002
4 American : magazine of the American University The American University Z1370.5A001
5 Atomic Veterans' Newsletter National Association of Atomic Veterans Z1360.5A001
6 Environment Bulletin World Bank. Environment Department Z1330.5E001
7 Development & Socio-Economic Progress Afro-Asian People's Solidarity Organization (AAPSO) Afro-Asian People's Solidarity Organization (AAPSO) Z1330.5D001
8 Evolution Evolution Z1310.5E022
9 Dialogue MiZaMir MiZaMir Z1310.5D031
10 Disarmament. Study Series United Nations Z1310.5D030
11 Disarmament. Topical Papers United Nations Z1310.5D029
12 Disarmament. Fact Sheet United Nations Z1310.5D028
13 Development Update United Nations. Department of Public Information Z1310.5D027
14 Der Spiegel Spiegel-Verlag Z1310.5D026
15 Daleggere Impegno Social Z1310.5D025
16 Dokumentarische Information Panorama DDR Z1310.5D020
17 Dialogue U.S. Information Agency U.S. Information Agency Z1310.5D019
18 Disarmament Times The NGO Committee on Disarmament Z1310.5D018
19 Disarmament Newsletter United Nations. Department for Disarmament Affairs Z1310.5D017
20 Disarmament United Nations Z1310.5D013


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