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No 書名 著者 出版者 コード
61 Bulletin : information from the GDR Panorama DDR Z1310.5B007
62 Campaign to Free Vanunu and for nuclear-free Middle East Free Vanunu Campaign Z1310.5C006
63 Citoyens du Monde Citoyens du Monde Z1310.5C008
64 Contact The World Federalist Youth Z1310.5C010
65 CTBTO Spectrum Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) Z1310.5C012
66 Combat Pour La Paix Conseil National De Mouvement De La Paix Z1310.5C013
67 CPHU Research Report Series The Center for Peace, Hiroshima University (CPHU) ; 広島大学平和センター Z1310.5C014
68 DDA Update United Nations. Department for Disarmament Affairs Z1310.5D010
69 Derechos Humanos Asociación pro Derechos Humanos de España Z1310.5D011
70 Disarmament United Nations Z1310.5D013
71 Disarmament Newsletter United Nations. Department for Disarmament Affairs Z1310.5D017
72 Disarmament Times The NGO Committee on Disarmament Z1310.5D018
73 Dialogue U.S. Information Agency U.S. Information Agency Z1310.5D019
74 Dokumentarische Information Panorama DDR Z1310.5D020
75 Daleggere Impegno Social Z1310.5D025
76 Der Spiegel Spiegel-Verlag Z1310.5D026
77 Development Update United Nations. Department of Public Information Z1310.5D027
78 Disarmament. Fact Sheet United Nations Z1310.5D028
79 Disarmament. Topical Papers United Nations Z1310.5D029
80 Disarmament. Study Series United Nations Z1310.5D030

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