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No 書名 著者 出版者 コード
21 ACADEMIA 会誌 全国日本学士会 全国日本学士会 Z0051.1A001
22 Across Frontiers World Constitution and Parliament Association, the Global Ratification and Elections Network Z1310.5A008
23 Action Staff Union of the United Nations at Geneva Staff Union of the United Nations at Geneva Z1310.5A001
24 Africa Recovery United Nations. Department of Public Information Z1310.5A002
25 Agora = アゴラ アジア太平洋センター Z0051.2A001
26 Ai アイ 主婦の友社 Z0051.6A001
27 American : magazine of the American University The American University Z1370.5A001
28 Arms Control Today Arms Control Association Z1310.5A011
29 Artikel Kommentare Panorama DDR Z1310.5A012
30 Asian Youth ed. by International Edtorial Board National Assembly for Youth Development ; 青少年育成国民会議 Z1053.4A001
31 Atomic Veterans' Newsletter National Association of Atomic Veterans Z1360.5A001
32 BFHI News BFHI News Z1310.5B001
33 Background Bulletin Press Office, United States Information Service, American Embassy ; 米国大使館広報・文化交流局報道部 Z1310.5B004
34 Baptist Peacemaker Deer Park Baptist Church Z1190.605B001
35 Bombs Away! The Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy Z1310.5B006
36 Briefing Paper United Nations Z1305B001
37 Bulietin MFDP NU = UN SMDP Z1310.5B002
38 Bulletin Chinese Association for International understanding Z1205B001
39 Bulletin : information from the GDR Panorama DDR Z1310.5B007
40 Bulletin [Center for Asian Studies] American University. Center for Asian Studies American University. Center for Asian Studies Z1053.1B001

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